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"Sharp headlines, one-line squibs and nifty asides"

Blogging is where the action is. Just ask Cotillion babe Kate McMillan of Small Dead
Animals, where we found the link to this elegant cartoon by
gapingvoid that captures the
essence of the blogger's twisted worldview.

"I don't know Miss McMillan, never met her, doubt I ever will, but she's a thousand times pithier and more insightful than the fellows holding down the columnar real estate at the Star-Phoenix," writes Mark Steyn re one of our own, Cotillion babe Kate McMillan of Small Dead Animals. It's part -- the most delicious part! -- of an email interview of the great columnist by John Hawkins of Right Wing News [via Scott at Power Line]:

Someone should snap her up just for the sharpness of her headlines, one-line squibs, and nifty asides. It's the same with the Power Line guys vs. the Star-Tribune in Minnesota.

One of the great lessons of the last few years is that journalism schools build their guild mentality at the expense of everything else -- the ability to write, the ability to make an argument, an eye for a story, or even basic curiosity about the world we live in. It's the pomposity of the mainstream press that will do for them: They're simply not as nimble as a fellow like Captain Ed. I should add in fairness that there are those with a foot in both camps -- like the great Michelle Malkin -- who understand the new world very well.

Speaking of sharp headlines, one-line squibs and nifty asides, be sure to read the whole Steyn interview or take the easy route by checking out highlights at our own blogpost "A Berlin airlift of cheap generic Viagra might also be useful."

Welcome To My Mile High Shindig

Squeeze into your corsets and grab your parasols, it's time for a walk down a historical path for women. I am honored to be co-hosting this week along with the lovely women of Maxed Out Mama, Right Wing Sparkle and Sondra K from Knowledge Is Power. What a show these Women Of The Web put on for you, I'm humbled to be in their presence. Colorado has a long history of women with intense fortitude and how fortunate we are that this mentality is still in existence today. Women going where angels fear to tread.

Crystal from Crystal Clear has an entertaining opinion of parades and how ludicrous they sometimes become. When is it time to say "enough is enough"?

The new Webster dictionary might soon have different definitions, well at least the liberal version might. Darleen at Darleen's Place does a spectacular job of showing us how the true meanings of abuse have been lost.

The always sane Pat of Dr. Sanity tells us how she really feels about polls. She always delivers with a no nonsense message and gives us an enlightening look into the hearts of minds of those who might qualify for therapy.

How do you feel about flag burning? Well, Claire at e-Claire lets you know how she feels about it and the people who do it. Igniting post, no?

Talking to your children about sex is not an easy task. There are so many elements to sexual intimacy and it is too much for children to understand. Christina at Feisty Repartee had to tackle this and did it with honesty and integrity. This is a must read for every parent.

I have a good attorney, really I do. But Fistful of Fortnights tackles the stereotyping of lawyers and why they are so despised. We all know someone who was bent over at the waist because of an attorney but they are a necessary and vital part of our society.

We were all stunned by the recent decision of the Supreme Court that rewrote the Fifth Amendment. Florida Cracker gives her two cents and has some outstanding comments that should be read.

Having a European woman on board has been a blessing. Stefania is aware of news that might otherwise not even hit the right-leaning media here. Her look at recent political developments in Iran and her hope that the Europeans will view Iran with a new level of scrutiny, shows that perhaps there is hope.

Girl On The Right tells of how she use to attend the Gay Pride parade but will not be attending this year because of the political climate now involved with homosexuality. She dives into a recent decision by a school boards definition of homophobia and how being heterosexual has become abnormal.

I have been humbled by this posting of Ilyka Damen's. The ladies of the Cotillion have had to go face-to-face with many liberal feminists as of late. They simply do not like our conservative message and feel that they have complete entitlement of the First Amendment when it comes to women espousing their opinions. Ilyka takes on one in particular that continues to be a thorn in her side. Go to her blog and witness the making of a historical female figure.

We wrap up this party with Lisa at Just A Girl In The World. She explains her insomnia problem and how it's grown on her over the years. (I'm beginning to see a pattern with bloggers and insomnia.) It's a stimulating piece that might even awaken us bloggers who sleep.

Thanks for coming by, do make sure you visit the other hostesses, and know that we will continue to fight the good fight.

I present my fine ladies at this week's Cotillion. A beautiful bunch of conservative women who don't mind speaking their mind! My co-hosts this week are Knowledge is Power, NotADesperateHousewife, and MaxedOutMama.

You are welcome to join the dance by reading:

Beth at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy grows weary of the anti-war rhetoric and the damage it may be doing to our men and women in uniform.
Merri Musings wonders how burning our flag is somehow free speech. I have often wondered that myself.
Mamamontezz's Mental Rumpus Room tells you men basically to NOT cheat. Seriously. You will regret it.
MaxedOutMama gives us an excellent analysis of the definitions of liberal and conservative from several voices that explain where liberals go wrong.
Knowledge Is Power asks if this is revenge or justice. I'll tell what isn't justice. SondraK not living in Texas and being my best friend..;-)
Little Miss Attila touches us with the sadness of the choices we make in life in her usual very personal and well written fashion.
Portia Redicscovered has more on gitmo and how liberals have no room to make value judgments.
Reasoned Audacity asked us to let Big Bird fly on his own. The PBS saga of budget cuts.
KelliPundit reminds us of the history of anti-Semitism and what it proves to us.
NotADesperateHousewife discusses overmedicating our children in this society.
RightThinkingGirl looks at the relationship between journalists and confidential sources.
So sit down, get a refreshing drink, and ENJOY!

The Cotillion Assembles

It is probably rare that the words "it is an honor and a pleasure" are spoken or written with complete sincerity. But this is an exception to the rule, because it is a very real honor and a pleasure for me to act as hostess to some of the devastatingly charming ladies of the Cotillion this week.
Without further ado, I will let
these ladies whisper words of wisdom in your ears.

A Mom And Her Blog writes about her shock upon discovering what Michael Schiavo considers to be promise keeping. It is difficult to understand a person who feels the need to score a point with someone else's epitaph. I suppose it really was all about Michael in the end.

Absinthe & Cookies offers a lucky escort the chance to know her a little better ... with pictures and anecdotes. Remember to introduce yourself in a courteous and respectful fashion and check your phasers at the door.

An American Housewife unloads........the dishwasher while giving you her opinion at the same time. And she has finally taken off the high heels and those fancy gloves. Her arse must have been getting soggy sitting up there in that martini glass. Don't miss this thrilling, muckraking journalistic endeavor!

Raven at And Rightly So finds the political maneuvering of Senate Committees irksome. She doesn't consider turkey shoots in which Rumsfeld is tied on the log while the senators take potshots at him at all amusing. Instead she believes Byrd or Kennedy is more naturally suited to playing the role of the turkey, with which opinion I must agree.

Click over to Annika's Journal and share her consternation and the conversation she holds discreetly behind her fan as she reacts to Kouric's interview with the Bug-Eyed Bride, Jennifer Wilbanks. Do deposit your drinks on a table before reading; The Cotillion disclaims all liability for your failure to follow this simple instruction.

Jane at Armies of Liberation is attracting attention - and a lady knows how to appreciate attention, especially when that lady is Jane and she is getting attention from an entire country: "I thought after they realized they couldn’t bribe me, there might be a new strategy. But no, just another article trashing Jane in Yemen."

Atlas Shrugs in surprise at the fact
that even the lions in Ethiopia know how to behave in a more gentlemanly fashion than the men who abducted and beat a 12 year-old girl in an attempt to force her to marry one of them. In this case the lions not only lay down with the lamb, but guarded her.

Baldilocks attempts to explain the difference between Rove's remarks and Durbin's to the clueless and confused. Almost everyone should be able to understand the two basic differences she explicates, which is, I suppose, why she so provokes those who don't wish to recognize the distinction. I can only offer them the means to dry their tears of outrage. The fainting couch is in the powder room, if some weak souls require it.

Bobo Blogger comments on the Supreme Court's Kelo V New London ruling, noting that it "used to be that the Constitution meant something to the law". Indeed, I am old enough to remember the time when it was the law! But conservative women do not faint upon their couches when offended; she has formulated a plan to deal with any consequences of the ruling that may occur in her neighborhood. And by the way, the women in my neck of the woods have come up with the same idea as well.

You may not be able to eat your cake and have it too, but you
will enjoy savoring the bites Cake Eater Chronicles takes out of Tom Cruise's attempt to bypass medical school by jumping straight to practicing and prescribing in the field of psychiatry. Dare I make a comment about reality-based thinking?

Common Sense Runs Wild, observes "All of us know that the current "controversy" over Karl Rove's statements is falsely generated righteous indignation manufactured by the MSM and the Democrat Party leadership. If they had condemned Dick Durbin as strongly for his recent comments their current act might be a little more convincing." I don't think you will want to miss the transcript of the RNC advertisement.

Crossposted at MaxedOutMama, and don't miss the festivities at my fellow hostesses' salons, Not a Desperate Housewife, Knowledge Is Power: SondraK.com, and Rightwingsparkle.

Freedom of speech in Italy is at risk!

I got an important e-mail ( in Italian ) asking to sign a petition in favor of free speech. An "Islamic anti-defamation league" has been founded in this country, with the declared aim to persecute all who dare to criticize Islam and some aspects of it.
You can declare your support to this petition by sending an email ( even in english ) to : libertadiopinione@hotmail.it
We must defend more than ever the freedom of speech of everyone, including that of secular muslims ( in particular the women ) who escaped persecution and now face it right here.

Welcome Malkin Readers!

Thanks as always to Michelle for the linky love. We appreciate it! If you want to hear what some conservative female bloggers are saying you can visit all the ladies here or just scroll down:
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And Rightly So!
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Darleen's Place

Dr. Sanity
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Fistful of Fortnights
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Free Thoughts
Girl on the Right
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Knowledge Is Power: SondraK.com
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Mamamontezz's Mental Rumpus Room
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MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
Portia Rediscovered
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The American Princess
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Townhall.com C-Log (Mary Katharine Ham)
Villainous Company

Who Tends the Fires
Yeah, Right, Whatever

And remember this Tuesday we'll have another ball, so bookmark and stay tuned!

Carnival of the Insanities

Carnival of the Insanities by Dr. Sanity is great stuff this week...You'd be absolutely crazy to not stop by...Your Sunday finest isn't required either...casual wear is just fine...

If You Thought Kelo Could Kill You

The Supreme Court is about to get down and dirty with the Ten Commandments.

(Yes. I know. That statement was wrong on so many levels.)

On Monday, the Supreme Court is set to rule on Van Orden v. Perry, and McCreary County v. ACLU--the "Ten Commandments cases," and while Kelo might have affected your freedom from government intrusion, there is a good chance that, whatever the Supreme Court rules, someone is going to be very, very upset (hopefully, its not me), because this could change public interest and freedom of religion law forever.

Yes. Its that serious. And the Supreme Court is very excited.

Because while the whole Ten Commandments thing might be exciting, these cases have serious implications on future challenges to religious freedom under the Establishement Clause: its how the courts decide whether a particular practice isn't cool with the First that's been in question, and that'll likely feel the Wrath of the Justices come Monday morning.

See my take on the cases and decisons, The Establishment Clause Tests for Dummies, and Monday's decision handicapped, head over and see me at American Princess.

Blogs that Whisper...

She writes deliberately the words on the page, not knowing that her thoughts, the insignificant musings of a teenager will resonate so loudly with generations to come. Her message? "In spite of everything that has happened, I still believe that people are really good at heart." In the midst of hate, Anne Frank wrote her diary.
Read the whole thing here.

Once its an article, twice he's a troll

Exerpt of my post about the second article trashing me by name in Yemen by some government lacky.

Well, Im reasonably certain that if there were a few al-Qaeda in Cleveland, President Bush and Congress would NOT decide to surround the city with military, exclude the journalists, indescrimately bomb the people, cut off food to the citizens, arrest doctors who provide medical treatment, exclude humanitarian organizations, arrest 12 year olds, randomly arrest ten thousand citizens without cause, hold them without trial for a year, drag burnt bodies around Cleveland behind police cars, run over the injured Americans with US tanks, rape women, spray chlorine gas, attack civilians with helicoper gunships, confiscate the computers from the New York Times and arrest Judith Miller when they tried to write about it, arrest members of Amnesty International who try to publicize it, bomb the Democrats headquarters and kidnap Hillary, and then use PBS to publicly denounce everyone in Cleveland as racists who deserve to die. This is whats happening in Yemen to the Shiites under the direction of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh. And no, I dont think that’s what Bush and the Congress would do here in the US.

Tired of the Same Old Thing...

Beth from My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy has figured out why she has bloggers block:

Basically, I'm TIRED of the same old story with just names and other details changed. What's that story? You know, of course. It's the constant drone of those who insult our military, undermining the war with their on-message slander.
Ted Kennedy, Eason Jordan, Dick Durbin, Howard Dean, Al Gore, the DU/Kos/left blogosphere, etc. etc. etc.-what's the difference in any of these stories? None. They're obviously determined to MAKE the war in Iraq turn into "another Vietnam". I am convinced that they WANT this to be Vietnam-and for what? So they can say they're right? So they can say Bush=Hitler?
Her article is convincing and powerful and worth your time to go read it. Of course it's Beth so expect strong opinions and strong language. But also expect a profound articulate post regarding the insanity of the growing lies and the tiresome combat against them.

Beth wonders what can blogging do to make a difference? What can be done to fight the deceit propagated by people who truly hate America? This is what you do about it. You express a strong message of truth despite fear of people rejecting it and people ignoring it and you keep telling the truth to counteract the lies. Yes maybe it seems like the opinions of the American people are being swayed by mindless rhetoric, but if someone is not there standing up for truth, then it will surely be strangled by the deceit growing among it.

Go Read: Quagmire.

Crash And Burn

How many paint chips did Formula One boss Ernie Ecclestone have to eat as a child to make him dullard enough to tell racecar driver Danica Patrick that "women should be all dressed in white like all other domestic appliances"?

That doesn't even make sense. I mean, even after Labor Day?

Formula One has never been able to crack the market in the United States, and Ecclestone's stupidity, combined with last week's goat rope in Indianapolis, make certain it never will.

Ernie should do his sport a favor and resign. Or he could do me a favor and dive under Danica's wheels.

[Cross-posted at Florida Cracker.]

Not Just A Flag

On the surface, the Flag Burning Amendment is a good thing, the flag stands as a symbol of the United States and all of the freedoms inherent in citizenship. But one of those freedoms is put into jeopardy by the passage of this Amendment. The power of speech. Not just the speech of crazy, neo-hippie causeheads. Our speech.

This is not just a flag. This is about what the flag stands for.

"We honor the flag because it represents a Constitution, that solemn
commitment; and a Bill of Rights, that charter of liberty; unrivaled in the
history of humankind. Honor demands that we seek to protect not just the flag,
but the principles in that Constitution and that Bill of Rights – principles of
freedom, opportunity, and liberty," because, after all, this is what the
patriots fought (and died) for.

Check out the rest of what I have to say at American Princess

The Importance Of Manners.

At The Cotillion, the debutantes are well schooled in the art of savoir faire, a proper phrase encompassing the knowledge and practice of good manners, As F.Scott Fitzgerald would say, our members are "as cool as [our] white dresses" as we float upon our chaise lounges like princesses. Yet we are not mere socialites attending the theater and opera, frequenting house parties, and summering at fashionable spots. Nooooo. However would we get all of our thinking done if we merely engaged in social calls?

This week, I have the distinct honour of co-hosting this week's dance, along with fellow debutantes A Mom And Her Blog and Crystal Clear. Dahlings, don't miss their indispensible contributions to this most coveted of social events. Oh, but first, let's peek in on some of these ladies to see whether they paid attention in finishing school:

Tammy of A Mom And Her Blog discusses the irrelevance of the release of Terry Shiavo's autopsy report. Clearly and concisely, she states, "Sorry, doesn't work here." Tammy argues that a mere hunk of paper doesn't remedy the situation at hand. Go find out why.

Next in line is Sisu, who discusses the trash-talking Dick Durban and outlines all the reasons he needs to shut his Senatorial trap concerning the military. As usual, she provides great linkage on the issue and a whole lot more.

Question: Would you have the audacity to threaten a blogger with a public delinking? Confronted with such an ultimatum, Kate of Small Dead Animals declares "Well, then." She follows up by promulgating a very fitting revision of her blog's Complaint Procedure for the masses. I do believe she has handled the situation.

Jody at Steal The Bandwagon reflects upon the behavior of both sides of the Terri Shiavo debate. While she clearly states that Terri's advocates should never regret their fight, she reflects on the logical fallacies involved with myopic viewpoints:
Please don't take this as a criticism toward Blogs for Terri as a blog or even as a group, I just feel that it got a bit "crazy" toward the end. Sometimes when someone believes something so much they become zealous and blind to anything but their end goal, usually when that happens, they fail to change minds because people just turn off. Are you surprised to hear me say this? Maybe.
Jody's essay is an important read for those who stood on both sides of this recent debate.

Zendo Deb of TFS Magnum wants to know how feminists will interpret the findings that, indeed, the brains of males and females differ markedly. Oh yes, that's an interesting question indeed. Let's begin the exploration, shall we?

E.M. Zanotti from The American Princess declares that enough is most definitely enough concerning blogbashing and hate mail that she endures simply because she's a conservative woman. She launches a coup de etat, and it won't do justice to summarize this posting, which in part declares the following:
We are women. Who love being women. And we believe that we have a right to embrace our sexuality, that our sexuality does inform our political opinions but does not invalidate our criticisms of deviant sexual practices; and that our conservative opinions support our sexual behavior. The time has passed when Conservative girls who embrace their womanhood have been viewed as abnormal. The time has passed when "pumps-and-pearls" means forsaking "stilettos-and-miniskirts" (but diamonds are always this girls best friend), and when being a lady mean no giant lingerie collection (though I still don't think Paris Hilton can make the cut).
Next up, The Anchoress speaks of a particularly grueling day she experienced this past winter. How exactly does a lady of class cope with the stress? With a little help from Buster of course!

Over at The Bad Hair Blog, Miss Fausta discusses the treatment of Gitmo prisoners, which seems like a luxury hotel suite in comparison to the treatment of Florence Aubenas, a French reporter who was recently released as by her Iraqi captors. Indeed, the details speak for themselves.

In a column for Townhall.com, Mary Katherine Ham of the associated C-Log asks Where have all the good spines gone? Our debutante bemoans the loss of qualities such as virility and strength in males in the "Kleenex-carrying society we've looked like lately." Oh yes, I think most of us debutantes would agree that no wimpy males need apply as our dance partners.
Denita's recent anecdote at Who Tends the Fires explains the dangers of Blogging While Blurry and details the overwhelming difference in one's life that two tiny pieces of plastic can make.

Finally, Beth at Yeah Right Whatever discusses the misconceptions associated with Sparing the Rod. She clearly explains the role of spanking within the larger issue of childhood obedience. This is an excellent argument against the politically-correct crowd who believes that all spankings are abusive.

That finishes the mere snapshots taken of the vast feminine minds of these debutantes. In addition, all pairs of gloved hands welcome a handful of new inductees - Absinthe & Cookies, annika's journal, Baldilocks, Bobo Blogger , Dr. Sanity, Just A Girl, reasoned audacity, Right Thinking Girl, Villainous Company Two other newly-minted debutantes have joined in for this week's Cotillion Ball:

MaxedOutMama says Kyoto, You Dog!, wherein she tackles the misconceptions regarding the Kyoto problem in various countries. She does an excellent job of data gathering and summarizes nicely. Dr. Sanity discusses the tactics of Medical Scaremongering. If you've ever taken a prescription medication, and who hasn't, you'd be wise to enlighten yourself on the knowledge contained within.

Crossposted at Fistful of Fortnights, and don't miss the installments of Tammy and Crystal!

The Cotillion Presents Luau at the Links


Aloha! Please allow me to make it Crystal Clear, how very pleased I am to be co-hosting this week's Cotillion with Tammy of A Mom and Her Blog and Sadie of A Fistful of Fortnights.

However, instead of diamond tiaras this week , it is going to be a luau at the links here...right near Diamond Head Waikikikey_key030804_101047_1...

Those pumps, pearls, and white gloves can become so terribly wearisome week after week, I thought it would be nice for you and all of these lovely wahines to wiggle those toes in the sand and enjoy a lovely balmy breeze. So sit back and enjoy a tropical drink

Coconutcup ...oops almost forgot the cute little parasolParasolsthat every tropical drink needs...and your lovely orchid lei Orchidlei...

Enjoy Hanging Loose but SondraK's Knowledge is Power shows us what happens when the Left "Hangs a tad too Loose" .

Over at FreeThoughts , Iranian Activists attacked in Los Angeles Protest! shows us how too much LA sun can fry not only your skin but common sense and decency as well...

The sickness you feel from reading 36000 by Lila of Mamamontezz's Mental Rumpus Room won't be from the Mai Tais or Kalua pig or poi but it is a very necessary and sobering read...Another post also sobering but a must read and one you will also want to pass onto everyone you know and even those you don't know is Merri Musings' Stop the ACLU! Blogburst post this week- Teens and Abortion

HulagirlNicely moving us back to a bit of thoughtful comic relief we have On the Record by Florida Cracker.

KelliPundit shares interesting thoughts concerning the Gitmo Attacker...

Father's Day might be 363 days away or 2 days past but Ilyka Damen's Conversations with my Father is a must read any day of the yearTikis_1

Little Miss Atilla is going to find this luau and the food ain't nothing quite like That Coffee Shop in Skokie

Disturbin' Durbin at Not a Desperate Housewife makes me wish Durbin would really just consider a career change...Honest to goodness I saw a want ad for a Fire Dancer Fire_dancerlast week in the Honolulu Advertiser...How steep could that learning curve be...hmmm???? Or perhaps he Naval_maneuvers_1would look better in a hula skirt?

Well before we find ourselves 'all pau',

Girl on the Right makes a great point in Communist Country Spied on by Communist Country

And finally... Beth of MVRWC shares her own thoughts on Why the Blogosphere Sucks and receives some help clarifying the reasons we would all be much better off spending time out on the beach...or you know...that whole other kind of water thing people are referring to when they say "Surf's up"...

Well yes...the time has come for me to say Mahalo to you for stopping by this luau at the links and to say Aloha ...again...as well...If you find you have to put those nasty ol' shoes back on...Please make sure you hula yourself on over to The Cotillion and also stop by to say Aloha to my co-hostesses, Tammy and Sadie...

It's time to dance!

Hello everyone and welcome to another wonderful wonderful week of The Cotillion. This week, I'm co-hosting, along with Crystal from Crystal Clear and Sadie from Fistful of Fortnights. I hope y'all have brought your dancing shoes,as I think you'll need them.


Raven at And Rightly So shows us "another fine example of how Americans are helping the enemies win the War On Terror". Head on over to hear more about how Senator Richard Durbin has become our latest Al Jazeera hero.

Carol, over at An American Housewife is reminding us...all of us....to get involved in our children's lives and schooling...go read why!

Jane at Armies Of Liberation tells us about Nadia, the first female editor in chief in the Middle East, and her bravery in publishing a certain article, written by Jane herself, in The Yemen Times.

Go vist Atlas Shrugs...and see why the International Red Cross is evil.


Janette at Common Sense Runs Wild has a new home (designed my yours truly, selfish promotion, damn straight!). Go see how she made it a true home by mocking Howard Dean (go Janette, he makes me embarrassed to admit that I'm from Vermont!).

Crystal Clear is wearing a bikini...'nuff said! Guys, go look!

Darleen has a question for you. Go see if you have an answer!

Claire from e-Claire reminds us that the MSM is still on the prod...and why they seem intent on dragging up ancient history.


Ok, dancing on....

Christina at Feisty Repartee tells us the purpose of debate, as she sees it...and the importance of leaving ourselves open to change.

Sadie at Fistful of Fortnights offers us a very general discussion on messing with free speech. She thinks we won't be interested. She's wrong...go check it out!

Rightwingsparkle describes to us the horror of rap music. Somehow I don't think you can understand her point from reading my description, so be sure to head on over to her place.

Ok, my dancing shoes are retired for another night...be sure to go check out my co-hosts, Crystal and Sadie, along with the Cotillion blog itself!

We've been busy lately finishing up our "recruiting" for The Cotillion...please welcome our newest brilliant women!

Absinthe & Cookies

annika's journal


Bobo Blogger

Dr. Sanity

Just A Girl

Maxed Out Mama

Portia Rediscovered

reasoned audacity at charmaineyoest.com

Right Thinking Girl

Villainous Company

We are truly honored that they've joined us. Seriously, if you read nothing but the blogs on the Cotillion blogroll, you'd have some of everything you need. Please go on over to the blogs listed above and say hello! And blogroll them, dammit! ;-)

DON'T FORGET: Tomorrow is Carnival day! This week's carnival will be presented by A Mom and Her Blog, Crystal Clear, and Fistful of Fortnights, as well as in full right here.

Almost As Bad As A Chinese Restaurant

"I thought I had heard and seen every vile, disgusting crime scene, but was in for a new shock when I started this investigation," [Detective William Howard of the Kansas City Police Department] would say later...

(Via J Rob.)

[Cross-posted at Florida Cracker.]

Democracy and Unicorns in Yemen

Yemeni President Saleh opened a regional democracy center and has hosted democracy conferences. If he opened a building and called it the unicorn study center and talked frequently about unicorns, would the West believe there were unicorns in Yemen as well as democracy? Clearly both are myths.

(read the rest here)
by Jane

Freedom On The March

BAKU, Azerbaijan - Thousands of demonstrators chanting "Freedom" and carrying portraits of President Bush marched across Azerbaijan's capital Saturday, demanding the resignation of the government and free parliamentary elections in the biggest protest in years.

(Cross-posted at Florida Cracker.)

Just One More Question

In an interesting turn of events, Governor Bush has called for an investigation into the 911 call Michael Schiavo made on the morning of Terri's collapse:

In a letter faxed to Pinellas-Pasco County State Attorney Bernie McCabe, Bush said Michael Schiavo testified in a 1992 medical malpractice trial that he found his wife collapsed at 5 a.m., and he said in a 2003 television interview that he found her about 4:30 a.m. He called 911 at 5:40 a.m.

"Between 40 and 70 minutes elapsed before the call was made, and I am aware of no explanation for the delay," Bush wrote. "In light of this new information, I urge you to take a fresh look at this case without any preconceptions as to the outcome."

We'll see how this shakes down.

Pinellas-Pasco County State Attorney Bernie McCabe has agreed to the governor's request.

(Cross-posted at Florida Cracker.)

The stiletto boot

I'm supposed to be on a blog-vacation now, but I had to butt in the middle of my AWESOME guest-bloggers (Merri, Jody, and Eric have been filling in, others may do so as well).
So since I've been taking it easy, I thought I'd at least take the opportunity to whore out the link.

Strong language and crabbiness ahead in this rant about idiots in the blogosphere! Consider it a public service announcement. ;-)

Is Your Dance Card Full?

Cotillion for June 14th, 2005

The Complete Etiquette Experience from Dining to Dancing

Gotta love a Cotillion - each of the girls brings two dates!

My debutantes this week are a beautiful bunch of girls, with poise, class, and an air of distinction. At least until after the party...

Christina from Fiesty Repartee digs into her archives to remind us that there's more to being a girl than being a debutante. In fact, she's got a basement full of guns!

Tammy from A Mom and Her Blog is not just a mom anymore - she's an auntie! Here's the kicker: the bouncing baby boy is named... well, go read it for yourself.

An American Housewife is thrilled that a potential child molester from her hometown was caught, but is concerned that he was in her town at all.

This puny, perverted, sick, sorry excuse of a man has been caught! Thank God. And he was right here in Madison. He was not in the registered sex offenders database but he will be now. But the scarey part to me is how many more of these deviant sick bastards are out there? My guess is a lot!

The only thing these lovely ladies never learned was that you should never talk religion or politics in polite company.

Lucky for us, we're not too polite!

Atlas Shrugs is her usual brilliant self, telling us the stories of the Women of Islam. Oh, and it's her birthday, so show the love, y'all.

You cannot read the following stories and believe that the Women of Islam are going to continue to stand for these outrageous violent crimes. THEY WILL RISE UP. They have begun to rise.

Jane from Armies of Liberation brings us one of her posts from Worldpress.

In the remote country of Yemen, a determined and heroic democracy movement battles an alliance of Al Qaeda, Saddam Hussein’s generals, and a corrupt regime that wields all the tools of the state. The terrorists are operating on the proceeds from gunrunning and oil sales. The reformers are operating on pure determination.

You want the truth? Sadie of Fistful of Fortnights says you can't handle the truth! Which is... true. I can't. Math was never my strong subject. But hey, I can look at the pretty pictures - I love the graphics on her blog.

The 'winner' of argument is not determined by the ultimate truth of the conflict. Rather, the stronger rhetorician will establish the truth, and thus rhetoric is the means by which to achieve the power.

Did you get all that? Yeah, me neither.

Darleen of Darleen's Place explains the difference between an "Insurgent" and a bloody terrorist, which is what the soldiers in Iraq are facing. In her words: "Further exploration of just who is in the Iraq "insurgency" and exposing the usual meme of "blame American occupation" when it comes to the motivations of the Islamofascists."

Claire from e-claire/e-biscuit teaches us multiculturalism and tells us about a lovely Saudi couple who kept a slave in the United States.

We have to be seeeensitive to their cuuuultural diveeeersity. Who are we to judge; Thomas Jefferson had slaves! Besides, it’s part of their reliiigion and a cuuustom with 1,400 years of tradiiition. A tradiiition they would never have had to adopt if Amerikkka hadn’t stoooolen the whole world’s economy with eeevil corporations which made everybody into slave chickens!

Janette has been doing some home renovation over at Common Sense Runs Wild, and like many DIY-ers, she seems to have fallen off her ladder, and deleted the whole bloody thing. Therefore, I have no fabulous post to link to, but you can go over there to see her new and improved home. Just be sure to bring her a get well card.

Raven at And Rightly So! is after the union of longshoremen for their sick practice of enrolling their yung'uns in the union to bolster numbers.

Massport’s union longshoremen have been placing kids as young as 2 years old on the payroll in a long-running scheme to give them bogus seniority that fattens the wages they fetch as adult dock-workers years later, investigators contend.

And finally, Crystal Clear, who's been sunning herself in Hawaii, makes sure we don't forget Terri Schiavo just because her name isn't in the news everyday anymore.

Since her murder several weeks ago, the posting and comments on Blogs for Terri has understandably and considerably slowed from its previous pace. As I mentioned previously, I do believe a time of mourning and reflection was appropriate and necessary. At least for myself, that time has drawn to a close. I am ready and prepared to continue on a path towards justice. Yes, I am a dog with a bone and I will not be giving up and I will not be forgetting...

Further dancing, merrimaking, and women who've had too much punch can be found over at Who Tends the Fires and Darleen's Place. And of course, over at the Girl on the Right!

Phew! I'm pooped. I think I'll sit this one out. Will you fetch me some champagne?

The end of 'Europe'

Stefania Lapenna, THE JERUSALEM POST

With the defeat of the European constitution in France and the Netherlands, and the indefinite postponement of a vote in the UK, the fate of the European Union hangs in the balance. The continent's mainstream elites have almost all blamed the defeat on "extreme Right, nationalist and hard leftist parties." Others have considered the votes as a blow to the French and Dutch governments. What Euro enthusiasts seem unwilling to concede is that a great blow has been inflicted on the idea of the EU in its totality.
Even those who haven't given up on the EU are belatedly recognizing that Europeans are growing sick of this institution. These stalwarts tend to argue that its leadership must re-think its social, economic and foreign policies.
Really? It is not that easy to change what has been in the minds of an entrenched unelected bureaucracy for years. Ironically, the main reason behind the French "non" might be one many tend to disagree with. Many of the opponents object to what they claim is an extremely pro-free market approach in the proposed constitution. These French, in other words, prefer to keep their archaic socialist and statist policies, even if they have failed.
The Dutch voted "nee" as a sign of disapproval from a different perspective toward the economic and immigration policies adopted by the union. Unlike the French, they see the EU's socialist policies as one of the causes of the growing unemployment across the continent. And, following the assassination of the film-maker Theo Van Gogh, immigration is one of the major concerns of the Dutch citizens.
If many more nations were granted the right to express themselves on key issues, including the membership of Turkey, the result would be very similar.
But it seems that the Europe's governing elites are not willing to allow a repeat of what occurred in France and the Netherlands. They are scared of what the ordinary citizen might think about the so-called "Europeanist dream." Worse, they show no tolerance for those who refuse to endorse what is imposed on them by the Eurocracy.
Opponents of European consolidation are considered as "dissidents" at best, and are often subject to worse labels such as "extreme right-winger" and "nationalist." It is easy to conclude that to Europe's enthusiasts either you accept all the EU stands for or you're a dangerous individual.
Such arrogance has clearly backfired. The German government is now thinking to drop the euro and return to the old currency. According to several polls, a majority of Germans would go back to the deutschmark.
The same goes for Italy as well. A growing number of Italians are growing sick of the European Union's policies, from immigration to taxes and public expenditure regulations. Some Italian political parties are planning to collect enough signatures to call a referendum on whether Italy should remain in the euro zone or not.
IN LIGHT of all this, are the European leaders going to change their policies? Don't bet on it. For years, the economic policy has been based on high taxes and irresponsible public expenditures. Incompetence is combined with highhandedness: The EU strictly monitors the policies of every sovereign nation and imposes what it claims fits better.
A country has no other choice but to decide whether to accept the Bruxelles' diktats or risk facing sanctions – yes , you read correctly. Europe will not change this.
If this weren't enough, Europe's foreign policy has been based on continued appeasement of the world's worst tyrants and terrorists regimes. Such policies have fed into anti-Semitic sentiment, along with anti-Israel lies and pro-Palestinian propaganda. Eurocrats oppose the democratization of the Middle East, and parrot the same tired claim that Arab leaders do to justify the oppression of their peoples: that the core issue is still the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, even though 9/11 should have rendered such a notion risible.
When it comes to Iran, the European attitude is more than absurd. It amounts to granting the mullahs a sort of immunity and further time to complete all they need to destroy Israel and the West at large.
Europe is aware that more than a year of pointless negotiations with Iran have resolved nothing. And yet, Europe's only idea is to call for more talks as a way to avert the involvement of the United States in "internal Iranian affairs."
The Eurocrats are well aware that if the Iranian people bring down the Islamic Republic with America's moral and economic help, it may be the end of their economic contracts and looting of Iran's national resources. Out of fear of losing its cozy relationship with Middle Eastern autocrats, the European Union turns a blind eye to the gross human rights abuses committed in the region.
Europe will not change this, either.
We need to face the fact that the principal goal of this bureaucratic and obsolete institution was to serve as a counter-weight to American power. Whatever the reasons of the European citizens' growing dislike of the institution, it is becoming increasingly clear that the Europeanists' utopian dreams will never be realized.

The writer is an Italian activist and author of the weblog Free Thoughts.

Cotillion Ball III: Swing Time

Swing Time

Welcome one and all to the third Cotillion Ball. I'm honored to share hosting duties this week with Right Girl and Denita of Who Tends the Fires. I hope you've brought your comfortable dance shoes because I'm here to whirl you through the heady synergy of the Swing Gals on the Right.

And synergy is the keyword. American history and culture is the perfect example no more easily demonstrated than by Swing. This musical artform gives full big band orchestration to the pulse and passion of jazz -- a vibrant, wildly optimistic music written at a time when Americans were clawing their way back from the Depression and then found themselves plunged headfirst into a world at war. The music form was fathered and crafted by artists of all ethnicities and loved by its fans of many backgrounds. Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Count Basie, Artie Shaw, the Dorsey Brothers, Duke Ellington -- the list goes on and on.

You'll notice the varied and unique voices the Cotillion showcases, the synergy we bring to the Right of Center realm of political/cultural/pop Americana. Pay no heed to the Miserable Mandys and Sad Brads that stand, arms crossed, just outside the open door blathering that we are nothing but prigs, prudes and hypocrites. We lead not just with our brains, but our hearts and we hold our values close even as we kick up our heels and lose ourselves in the sharp, sly and heady sweetness of the music.

Listen to Begin the Beguine (3.5 Mb) as I begin my part of the Cotillion:

Stacy of NotADesperateHousewife caught some of a broadcast of a radio "sex-therapist's" show that has her wondering when the line between advice and license (if not outright advocacy) was crossed. As Stacy quotes "Just Because You Have The Right To Do Something Does Not Mean That It's The Right Thing To Do".

Rightwingsparkle offers up what she promises is the first installment of a series of posts analyzing this month's Vanity Fair. She starts with Christopher Hitchen's article in which he discusses his meeting with Hossein Khomeini (the grandson of Ayatollah).

Sissy of sisu minces no words in a slam against those attempting to usurp the memorializing of 9/11 at WTC -- she appropriately labels them Grave Robbers. Sissy's post also provides some great links and updates.

Kate of small dead animals has been on the road and reports in briefly from Minneapolis. The guys who have been guestblogging have been actually doing a very good job. Don't be drinking your orange juice while reading Jeff Goldstein's entry -- oj is a *itch to clean off the monitor. Kate is due back today and I hope the guys have taken out the trash, restocked the liquor cabinet and removed the stains (we do not want to know what they were or how they got there.)

Just as the most rewarding music is a many layered one ( melody/harmony/theme lines) Jody of Steal The Bandwagon celebrates the differences between the genders and warns that using one's difference as an "excuse for failure" is really a reflection on the excuse maker, not the society.

Zendo Deb of TFS Magnum experiences what most of us feel when we read of tragic cases of domestic violence -- a loss to understand the obsession. Sometimes we don't always know the answers, but asking the right questions, as Zendo does, is a start.

If you're not making Emily Zanotti of The American Princess a regular morning read, you are indeed missing a rousing good time. That gal can dance! And when she gets started on evil chocolate chip cookies and the mistress behind the recipe ... well, just know that after apologizing to the world about Hillary you know you will never want to be on [wink] Emily's list.

As bloggers, many times we are glued to the news, to the shock and awe of the unexpected tragedy of others. And sometimes we should take a step back and consider before we write. Such words of wisdom are what The Anchoress offers as she explains her first and last post on Natalee Holloway.

Fausta of The Bad Hair Blog has also had guest bloggers keeping the homefires burning. A thoughtful and link-enhanced essay examining how the Geneva Convention is being used against the people it was ostensibly crafted to protect is offered by Mary.

Mary Katherine at Townhall.com C-Log catches a discussion by Ken Mehlman of The Doctor of Scream Dean's remarks and it inspires her to write a campaign spot -- straight forward, true and very effective. knock, knock Hello? RNC? Are you paying attention??

Did you know that a bunch of ferrets is a "business?" Neither did we, but Denita of Who Tends the Fires not only clues us in with that bit of trivia but also takes us on a warm and poignant journey of having ferrets in the house with tiny dancing feet.

So wraps up my portion of this week's Cotillion. My thanks to wearers of the Cotillion tiaras -- Beth, Jody and Janette for allowing me this opportunity to host!

[Cross-posted at Darleen's Place]

I've Always Loved Waltzes

I've always loved waltzes, even though I have two left feet. The music seems to whirl and twirl as it plays, the musical notes like black slippered feet only lightly passing over the stark lines of the sheet music. It is the waltz that stirs my blood more than any other form of music.

And so it is that I have handed my request slip to the symphony conductor at the edge of the ballroom floor, as the weekly Cotillion Ball begins. Your hostesses this evening will be the refined and respectable Right Girl, the discerning and dignified Darleen, and my humble self. Refreshments and hoeurs d'oevres are currently being served in the anteroom, and smoking is allowed on the balcony. Enjoy!

How will she pay the bill After the Ball is Over? Florida Cracker takes an overly self-indulgent 9-11 widow to task for frittering away her $5 million settlement money...

Halfway Around the World from my studio in TinyVille, Stefania of Free Thoughts interviews an Egyptian Blogger who is apparently as delighted to make her aquaintance as she is to interview him...

Cotillion Co-hostess Right Girl shows herself to be Three Times a Lady in this very personal but very empowering post at--where else?--Girl on the Right...

Ever had a blogger whose site you thoroughly dislike to read, but you just can't help but Look Again? Ilyka Damen feels your pain in this riotously funny classic post...

Seems that Kelli's Weekend(s) in New England are rapidly drawing to a close--and in this post at KelliPundit, she sums up her feelings about moving quite well with eye-popping imagery...

SondraK feels that What the World Needs Now are more people like Neil Cavuto; and salutes him for saluting the Unknown Soldier in this fantastic post at Knowledge Is Power...

Ah, family...Nothing like the careful Charade of civility one has to show whenever they have a vastly different political attitude than their parents. Little Miss Attila, I know how you feel--been there, done that, nearly died of embarassment myself...

Words have great power. The right words can harm or they can heal, they can make one's heart turn to stone...or they can warm even the coldest of souls. Prodigal poetess non pareil Mamamontezz waxes poetic at Mamamontezz's Mental Rumpus Room--and I find myself tingling all over and thinking Tenderly of my husband...

I Feel Pretty--pretty sick, that is, after reading this news snippet at Merri Musings. Merri lays a verbal smackdown on a pair of grandparents who shouldn't be trusted with the care and upbringing of a goldfish, much less their 13-year-old granddaughter...

How they picked the jury, I Really Don't Want to Know...all I want to know is, just how much bribe money changed hands. Seems Beth at MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is as disgusted as I am concerning Whacko Jacko's verdict of Not Guilty...

Hypocritical is The Fool who doesn't practice what he preaches--and Beth at Yeah, Right, Whatever tears into those Christians who plaster their vehicle in religious bumper stickers and think that this gives them a free pass to behave in an unChristian manner...

...And now, as the last strains of the waltz fade from the room, the soft riffle of silky fabrics and the hurried breathing of your fellow dancers fill your ears for a few seconds before the conductor politely taps his rosewood wand to his podium to signal that this selection of dances has ended. I do hope that your feet aren't too tired, for the Cotillion is far from finished. Feel free to sit in any one of the plush chairs in the anteroom and relax, have a light snack--the beluga is quite tasty this evening!--and sip some champagne. You'll need those toesies in tip-top shape for the rest of the evening's entertainments!

Written by Denita at Who Tends the Fires.

Letter From a Farm Kid, Now a Marine Corps Recruit

Dear Ma and Pa,

I am well. Hope you are. Tell Brother Walt and Brother Elmer the Marine Corps beats working for old man Minch by a mile. Tell them to join up quick before all of the places are filled.

I was restless at first because you got to stay in bed til nearly 6 a.m. but I am getting so I like to sleep late.

Tell Walt and Elmer all you do before breakfast is smooth your cot, and shine some things. No hogs to slop, feed to pitch, mash to mix, wood to split, fire to lay. Practically nothing.

Men got to shave but it is not so bad, there's warm water. Breakfast is strong on trimmings like fruit juice, cereal, eggs, bacon, etc., but kind of weak on chops, potatoes, ham, steak, fried eggplant, pie and other regular food, but tell Walt and Elmer you can always sit by the two city boys that live on coffee. Their food plus your holds you til noon when you get fed again.

It's no wonder these city boys can't walk much. We go on "route marches," which the platoon sergeant says are long walks to harden us. If he thinks so, it's not my place to tell him different. A "route march" is about as far as to our mailbox at home. Then the city guys get sore feet and we all ride back in trucks.

The country is nice but awful flat. The sergeant is like a school teacher. He nags a lot. The Captain is like the school board. Majors and colonels just ride around and frown. They don't bother you none.

This next will kill Walt and Elmer with laughing. I keep getting medals for shooting. I don't know why. The bulls-eye is near big as a chipmunk head and don't move, and it ain't shooting at you like the Higgett boys at home. All you got to do is lie there all comfortable and hit it. You don't even load your own cartridges. They come in boxes.

Then we have what they call hand-to-hand combat training. You get to wrestle with them city boys. I have to be real careful though, they break real easy. It ain't like fighting with that ole bull at home. I'm about the best they got in this except for that Tug Jordan from over in Silver Lake. I only beat him once. He joined up the same time as me, but I'm only 5'6" and 130 pounds and he's 6'8" and near 300 pounds dry.

Be sure to tell Walt and Elmer to hurry and joing before other fellers get onto this setup and come stampeding in.

Your loving daughter,

Cross-Published at Merri Musings

A perfect example...

So says Lorie Byrd in her Townhall column, "Women should embrace the Blogosphere," referring to Cotillion:

The Cotillion is a perfect example of one group of conservative female bloggers that is showcasing the uniqueness of their female voices and proving that “chick blogs aren't just about what color poopy our kids had today."

Thanks Lorie! Make sure to read the entire article because it's very good and not just because we were mentioned.

Send the troops a letter!

From Sondra K:

We've been sadly informed that despite all our efforts (mine vis a vis) our 82nd Airborne Division has slipped through our troop support radar somehow in the mad shuffle of paperwork and info transfer.
We have approx. 2000 guys and gals that need our letters and thoughts right now during this hard fought battle and I KNOW we can cover each and every one! Please, peeps....this is VERY important...don't ask why, just DO!

Contact either Stepperg or Sondra K for information. We'll forward to the brass and you'll get a reply within a day. Let's get back in gear, folks!
They willingly serve our country, risk their lives continually and sacrifice for our freedoms... yeah, I think the least we could do is send them some mail.

Guess who is AOL's Blog Of The Week?

"Intelligent, beautiful, conservative women," of course!

Welcome AOL readers! Please stay awhile and enjoy a dance or two!

Walking for Afghani Women

Michelle Malkin has an impressive and moving story.

A group of 9 National Geographic staffers are walking 200 miles in 10 days with only water and one teabag each--no food. They are camping out during the day, walking at night to avoid the heat. Their object is to raise $10000 each for the Afghan Girls Fund, a charity established in 2002 by the National Geographic Society after photographer Steve McCurry went back to Afghanistan to try and find the green-eyed girl in his famous photo years earlier. The Afghan Girls Fund is building schools and training centers in Afghanistan. This fundraising walk is not sponsored by the National Geographic Society, but all the walkers are employees, and the walk will wind up Thursday around 4pm at National Geographic hq on 17th and M Sts [in Washington DC].

The trek is being blogged here. A progress map is here.

From the Washington Times:

If all goes well, the 10 hikers will raise $50,000 for the Afghan Women's Fund. The fund was established by the National Geographic Society in 2002 after U.S. military and allied forces expelled the Taliban from the country. Since then, nearly $1,000,000 has been raised in Afghanistan to help girls and women seek an education.

"This is an extreme adventure for people in an extreme situation," said Weins. "We wanted to raise money, but do it in a way that would call attention to an issue that has been forgotten a little bit."

Literacy rates among women in Afghanistan remain low. Even though the Taliban is gone from power, Weins said most girls still do not attend school regularly. "I have a 13-year-old daughter who loves to read--I can't imagine what it would be like if she couldn't go to school," he said.

You can donate here.

Cross-posted from The Anchoress

The Cotillion Ball - Boop Boop Da Boop

Charlestonold Everyone remembers the Charleston. A well-loved dance that originated in the early 1920s in Speakeasies during Prohibition, its energized, dynamic and vivacious moves perfectly personify the zeal of these following ladies of the ball.


Rightwingsparkle asks us a question of war, comparing the fanatical Islamic belief to that of a hornet's nest. She states it simply: "This fanatical Islamic belief isn't going away, it stung several times and will again if given the chance."


Over at sisu, Sissy is so glad sad-sack, glass-half-empty Kerry isn't the Leader of the Free World. What does it say about his contempt for the American people when he embraces the "smoking gun" of Downing Street Memogate as "stunning, unbelievably simple and understandable"? Doh? Amazing dance moves you have there, Kerry.

Tango_1 Kate from Small Dead Animals crosses the dance floor with her own take on potential chaos at next month's G8 summit stirred by the absence of black musicians at the events staged to benefit Africans. Kate gave us her own suggestion on how to handle the situation.

What is the difference between our Word and theirs? Jody at Steal the Bandwagon steps us through the comparison, reminding us it is just another reason to pity the Muslims and their sad religion. Apparently they, too, have respect for their holy book, but it is seemingly nothing more than just words and sentences, grammar and syntax. For them, no life is as sacred as the flimsy pages of a book.

TFS Magnum's Zendo Deb brings us the story of a victim of an armed robbery - with a permit to carry a concealed weapon - who shot one of his assailants in self-defense. Instead of a justified, self-defense shooting, a horrible instance of a child shot will be the song-and-dance of the Brady Campaign. Whether this shooting is a tragedy, or prevented a tragedy depends on your point-of-view.


Charlestonspeakeasy2 One of our dear hostesses of the Cotillion Ball this week, our own princess, The American Princess, brings us harrowing tales of Oxfam and liberal Hollywooders who tried to fight poverty in China and all they got was a lousy bracelet.

On a biblical note, The Anchoress is making like David come up against the Goliath of entrenched whack-a-doo feminism and slinging stones at a new bible translation that is "corrected" to portray Jesus as a woman.

Dahling Fausta of The Bad Hair Blog foots it through a number of reviews in the New York Times and concludes that as far as the Times is concerned, some forms of class mobility are more equal than others.

Charlestonclarabow_2 Our dear Denita at Who Tends the Fires speaks of recent life events, dancing through such topics as shopping, a party with friends (and an observation in their not-so-differences), dangerous storms, the Swan Man, a surprise party and - we can't forget - her birthday!


We're all quite envious of Beth at Yeah, Right, Whatever who is vacationing and exploring the hot spots of St. Louis. She speaks of animals at the zoo and even those who break out of the zoo. Send us a postcard, dear, and many happy returns!

As for me, I must thank our gracious web mistresses Beth, Janette and Jody for their support and enthusiasm. They are truly Belles of the Ball!


I must now direct your attention to my lovely and talented co-hostesses our Dear Housewife, the darling Princess and all of their fine constituents.

...and now I must bid you a fond Adieu until we meet again!