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It's a softer form of paternalism

Last week I wrote about Great Britain's problem with obese citizens. Certain people in government positions over there have determined that it's no longer the personal responsibility of the peasants- staying at a healthy weight- and that the government must take over this area in life.

Half jokingly I mused:

What’s a government to do though? Mandate that everyone march to and from work and or school? Outlaw remote controls, cell phones and the like? Force employers to hold exercise sessions every two hours for the workers?

Today I found this article:
Make all staff exercise for an hour, says top health adviser
A radical plan to improve the nation's health - including a workplace "exercise hour" - has been unveiled by a leading Government

New figures today show England is the fattest country in the EU. Now Professor Julian Le Grand, chairman of Health England, hopes to encourage people to improve their diets, give up smoking and exercise more.

He proposed the introduction of a smoking permit, which smokers would be required to show each time they bought tobacco. It is then their choice to go smoke free and not buy a permit.

Companies with more than 500 staff would have an " exercise hour". Employees would have to deliberately choose not to join in. The proposals are the opposite of the Government's approach which requires people to opt in to healthy lifestyles. Instead it would be up to them to make the unhealthy choice.

In his speech to the Royal Statistical Society last night the professor, a former aide to Tony Blair said: "It is not like banning something, it's a softer form of paternalism."

Oh puleeze. It's more than this. It's more than government interference and meddling. And it's more than socialism...I doubt the people of Britain will tolerate such non sense but one never knows. Remember all this when Hillary Care comes. She will try to change the way we live- and every aspect of our lives.

Schadenfreude Is An Ugly Thing...

...but not the ugliest of things.

Of all the people acutely aware of the health care crisis, doctors are in the front of the battle. Here we have an MD who has decided to do things differently.

WHEELING, W.Va. -- Vic Wood's walk-in clinic here sees patients six days a week and logs roughly 15,000 visits a year. Its sparsely furnished waiting room is packed much of the 11-hour day with people seeking care for conditions ranging from sore throats to chest pains.

Despite the booming business, Dr. Wood and his staff -- another doctor and four physician assistants -- have battled strong head winds to keep the clinic going. Rising administrative costs and flat insurance-reimbursement rates make it tough to cover basic expenses. One in five patients lacks insurance; others are saddled with sky-high deductibles. Last year, Dr. Wood even cut his annual salary by half to help keep the clinic afloat.

In an attempt to turn the tide, Dr. Wood is trying a new approach -- one that he hopes will one day sustain his practice.

For a monthly fee of $83 per individual or $125 for a family, the clinic provides unlimited primary and urgent care. Those who enroll in the prepaid plan get office visits, lab work, X-rays and as many generic drugs as the clinic can provide.

Dr. Wood is one of several hundred doctors across the country offering flat-rate, pay-in-advance plans. Though still experimental, proponents argue that the approach tackles two crises in U.S. health care: the rapid decline of doctors practicing primary-care medicine and the growing number of Americans who are either uninsured or underinsured.

I like the idea. A lot. And that's a pretty good bargain if you ask me. I pay more for my health insurance each month. I realize I would have to pick up the so called catastrophic coverage, but I suspect even that wouldn't cost as much as my insurance does right now. I am fairly sure most middle class families could afford a plan like this- for $125.00 a month they get family coverage.

I don't have the link but there is a doctor in Concord NH who is offering this service; for $1500/yr a person gets routine and urgent care coverage 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Most routine meds are included; as are diagnostic tests and lab works. It's less than many of us pay now though our employer. Add the new walk in clinics to the picture, and we see more options for people to take charge of their own health care needs. Without the government meddling and/or paying.

Silly Season - guns vs The Pill

While some on the leftside of the aisle send out high fives to Portland, Maine because

the truth is that girls and boys aged 11, 12, 13, and 14 years are hooking up, performing oral sex, and having intercourse.

... so what can a school do but hand out The Pill to girls who still play with Barbie? Just think of the business opportunities for Ortho to market a chewable, bubblegum-flavored pill to 11 year olds!

On the other hand, schools have no problem under the selective "zero tolerance" nonsense to enforce their own political agenda

DENNIS TOWNSHIP: A second-grader's artistic effort has got him in trouble.
Seven-year-old Kyle Walker was suspended for one day last week by school officials in Cape May County for drawing a stick figure shooting a gun.

His mother told The Press of Atlantic City that officials at Dennis Township Primary School told her the drawing violated a zero-tolerance policy for guns. Shirley McDevitt said the boy told her the drawing showed a water gun and not a firearm.

Four kindergarten boys were suspended in 2000 for playing cops and robbers, even though they were using their fingers as guns.

Love them priorities!

Excuse the language...

Poll: Bullshit Is Most Important Issue For 2008 Voters

....but it's funny. Especially the end.

Martinez Steps Down- GOOD!

Some good news from the GOP:

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Mel Martinez, the public face of the Republican National Committee as its general chairman, announced Friday he was stepping down from his post after serving only 10 months.

''I believe that our future as a party and nation is bright and I have every intention of continuing to fight for our president, our party and our candidates,'' the Florida senator said in a statement.

His resignation came months earlier than anticipated. Martinez wasn't expected to step down until a Republican presidential nominee was selected, and the earliest that could occur is February.

Martinez said he was relinquishing the job to spend more time focusing on his constituents and because the RNC had achieved the objective he set when he assumed the job in January.

''It was my goal as general chairman to lead the party as it established the structure and raised the resources necessary to support our presidential candidate and ensure Republican victories next November. I believe we have accomplished those goals,'' Martinez said.

Yeah? It seems to me that the RNC needs to have a leader who inspires it's members and who works for the values of the GOP.
Mr. Martinez did neither. A supporter of illegal immigration, this man did little to bring unity to the GOP as evidenced by the lack of fundraising for the party, among other things. I hope the RNC can find a replacement who is able to spark the dimmed light our party has experienced recently. And start standing up for the RIGHT and not the special interest groups. I for one am quite pleased to hear Martinez has stepped down.

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Slatecard and Rightroots

Important election news!

First, the launch of Slatecard.com. I'm really psyched about this.

Slatecard is a utility to support and enhance Republican activism.

The goal of Slatecard was always to be much more than just a top-down, ‘online shopping cart’ which would likely only be used the last few months of a campaign.

Instead, the Slatecard utility embraces effective Web 2.0 technologies and collaborative principles to provide a robust directory of candidate information which will not only be used by a financial donor, but by anyone looking for more information about a candidate’s online activity.

Slatecard will help bridge the chasm between modern online activists and Republican candidates by not only encouraging candidates to be more active online, but also increase support by placing a premium on the issues which cause supporters to give to a candidate.

What this means to you: You can create a list--a "slatecard"--of candidates you're supporting and for whom you want to raise funds, and then get a widget to put on your blog or website. Like this one, which has eighteen key races in 2008 to get back the majority in Congress--my main priority, along with the Presidential election. (Sorry, I can't embed the widget in the post on this site. You can see it down in the sidebar.)

I'll be building some more Slatecards, as well, which focus on certain issues and/or regions (i.e. Alabama candidates, veteran candidates, foreign policy hawks, immigration reformers, pro-lifers, whatever). Of course, YOU can do this as well.

Some of the buzz around the internets about Slatecard:

Marc Ambinder:
Slatecard.com fills a real need: an online donation and information aggregation site for Republicans, modeled off ACT Blue, a net-based bundling PAC founded in 2004 for Democrats.

"A real need" being the understatement of the year, if not the decade.

Red State:
This allows you to pick your favorite challengers and incumbents and solicit small donations for all of them. It empowers the individual rather than a top-down list selected by the site itself as RightRoots did last year (with 20 site selected candidates).

CNN covered it, and video from that is here.

The online PAC's launch comes as longtime political observers scratch their heads about the Republican presidential campaigns' relatively lackluster fundraising. The Republicans are lagging their Democratic counterparts by $100 million, The Washington Post reported Oct. 5.

The online Democratic PAC ActBlue, meanwhile, has raised more than $30 million since its inception in 2004. Based in Boston, ActBlue has been widely credited with enabling grassroots giving for candidates around the nation.

Emphasis mine, and yes, you read that right. The nutroots have raised over $30 million. I'd be surprised if our side of the blogosphere has raised ONE million in the same time. It's time to catch up--you see what apathy did in 2006.
Let's not let it happen again in 2008.

Now, some URGENT news. There's a special election next Tuesday (October 16th) in Taxachusetts (MA-05), and it's a nail-biter.

Patrick Ruffini sends via email, on behalf of Rightroots:
Did you see what John Kerry said about us in his bid to stop Jim Ogonowski in Massachusetts' 5th Congressional district?

    Patrick Ruffini, Bush-Cheney 04 Internet Director, has begun to try to rally the "right roots," as they like to call themselves, to the cause of Niki's opponent. They want to create a moment for Republicans like you have created for Democrats a number of times: a surprise showing (even a surprisingly close loss) that can energize the national Republicans and give that party some small spark of hope.

With your help, we've already raised over $15,000 for Jim, and Democrats are running scared. Jim has already surged to within $20,000 in cash-on-hand of Democrat Niki Tsongas, who has raised nearly $2 million so far. After talking to Democratic insiders, one liberal blogger says "there is real concern here." A visit from Bill Clinton failed to bring the race out of single digits. And the Democrats have already started rolling out nasty attack ads.

Because of these incredible developments, we've set a goal to nearly double our number of donors to Jim's campaign. We need to recruit 200 more donors by Friday and already 68 have pitched in. Can you help?


As the only Democrat to lose in this district in the last 36 years, John Kerry is getting nervous:
    Remember what I learned in Lowell - no race is in the bag till the votes are counted, and we can't give the right and their favorite mouthpieces any room to find vindication anywhere, especially not in Massachusetts.

John Kerry's right. Democrats can't allow a Republican to do well in a safely Democratic seat, sending a clear message from sea-to-shining sea about the failed Democratic Congress. Especially not in Massachusetts.


Our deadline is Friday. The election is next Tuesday. Can you help?


Patrick Ruffini

P.S. In just under six weeks, Rightroots has raised over $20,000 for Republican candidates and causes. And soon, we'll be opening up the floodgates for you to create your slate for your favorite candidates. Your support has been critical to this early success. When you give to Jim, please consider giving a little extra to Rightroots to support our ongoing efforts.


More about Jim Ogonowski (a 28-year veteran of the Air Force!) and that race (including video) at Patrick Ruffini's site, here.

At this point, I personally don't even care whether you give through Rightroots, Slatecard, or at Jim Ogonowski's website directly. Just give what you can. Every dollar counts!


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